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Now since you know marketing is so much more than you know, Let’s go deeper and see the types of Marketing the brands use nowadays.
Fun fact there are more than 150 marketing types known to mankind so far, while some of them are obsolete, some are in research phases, You never know till the time you finish reading this article we might have a new type of marketing introduced in the market. But you know what is the common point in all these, it is that it is based on human psychology so as long as humans start thinking from some other organ than their pain, the fundamentals of marketing will remain the same.
In this article, I will take you through a few of the most commonly used marketing types and then give more details about the mode I prefer to use as a marketer.
This type of marketing came into existence probably when India had rulers. Traditional marketing refers to advertising or promoting the product or service without the usage of any internet. Even today traditional marketing is used extensively in some cases. If the product is for the ‘mass’ very wide targeting will help. The reach of television, radio and newspaper is more than 60 per cent of the population.  
Traditional Marketing
Outbound or Push marketing is an intrusive concept of pushing content with pop up Ads, Email blasts, cold calling. This method is very irritable for the consumers as they are getting the information they might not even be interested in. Whereas, Inbound marketing refers to attracting customers rather than interrupting them. This is a pull marketing strategy where the customer comes towards the brand or the product. 
Outbound vs Inbound Marketing
Social Media Marketing refers to using the social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc to attract digitally educated customers. Social media usually is more for generating product or brand awareness, to let the customer understand the experience and benefits of the product but nowadays modern marketers and small businesses are using new tools generated by these social media platforms to make transactions via these platforms. For Example, Instamojo by Instagram
Social Media Marketing
Video Marketing is the type wherein a brand displays their product via a video that is uploaded either on their websites, youtube or social media to improve brand awareness and product promotions. This is one of the most engaging forms of marketing. According to a study, a human’s attention span is lesser than a goldfish and they retain more if they see moving graphics instead of textual images.
Video Marketing
According to Investopedia, Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers. Some marketing experts consider digital marketing to be an entirely new endeavour that requires a new way of approaching customers and new ways of understanding how customers behave compared to traditional marketing. Many people misunderstand that digital marketing and social media marketing are the same concepts but social media is actually a subpart of Digital Marketing.
Digital Marketing
and the list is endless…..
Now, the question is which one do I prefer the most? 
The answer would be ‘DIGITAL MARKETING’
Let me lay down some facts for you?
Digital Marketing Facts
The tech-savvy generation is moving towards the internet, so are the brands and so are the transactions.
Let me first tell you about the difference between modern-day Digital Marketing and ancient day Traditional Marketing
Courtesy: Pinterest
Traditional vs Digital
In today’s world when the urban population of the country, India which is educated, young and has the buying capacity is present on the Internet. The Internet Market has seen a huge boom in the past 2 decades with the introduction of new technology, mindset and onset of artificial intelligence in the country. Every small or large business nowadays set up a digital marketing team either by creating an in-house team or indulging in outsourcing( what we call digital freelancing). I agree that in some cases even today traditional marketing holds higher value, like if the product is for the mass but in the world of personalisation how long do you think a traditional ad attract the correct audience for the business?
What do I mean by Digital Marketing?
If I have to define Digital Marketing I would say, it’s a method of showcasing your product or brand using an electronic medium. Layman believes that digital marketing Is just when a brand or person posts an image on social media with a catchy caption but let me tell you there is so much more than the eyes can see. 
Digital Marketing consists of Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, PPC, Retention Marketing, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization and much much more.
While the mediums are different but the objective is the same, create a brand or product image that impresses the potential customer who has buying capacity. While some digital marketers have understood that to make a campaign successful each platform has to complement the other, so many digital marketers are yet to figure this out. 
So, if you are somebody who wishes to be a digital marketer let me familiarize you with the concept of Integrated Digital Marketing.
Integrated DM
Integrated Digital Marketing refers is the process of delivering a unified and holistic message amongst all the electronic platforms to communicate one common message to a potential customer. This process helps in creating consistency in content, reducing the communication gap between the business and its consumers, improves the clarity of the message, reduces ambiguity.
Let me give you a for instance:
Domino’s ‘ANYWARE’ campaign
Domino’s Anyware campaign allows its customers to place orders using any of the online platforms. It can be with the help of a tweet, smart televisions, smartwatches or their websites. This was done using technology to crawl all things that are being said by the customers on different platforms and using permitted saved data to check all platforms and record orders. 
Result: 2 billion dollar sales were generated via this campaign.
I know, by now most of you would think that’s all, but hang in there. 
One more thing I think is very essential while you are understanding the concept of Marketing and that is Self Branding or Personal Branding. Don’t you think nowadays people want to hear more from people and not brands? For example, Elon Musk is a bigger brand than Tesla or SpaceX.
As a marketer, you need to know how to market a brand but at the same time, you should also educate yourselves with personal branding.  Creating your own Professional Persona.
Nowadays we see so many people advertising their online courses, mentoring sessions, live webinars, product selling etc on various platforms but we do not even take one extra second of our lives to even see what they are trying to sell. Why? Probably because they haven’t followed what I call the concept of Evolution of Personal Brand.
Creating a demand for yourself in the market is a skill. A skill that not many people have mastered correctly. I learnt this concept from my teacher and now I would like to pass on his wisdom to you.
He made us familiar with the concept of Mass Trust Blueprint
Like any business or product, an individual has to showcase himself as a brand. Your value increases in the market with the increase in your reach. What I mean by reach is how much are you desired by your potential customers. Taking baby steps will always help you create a stronger personal brand image in the longer run.
Firstly one should start by learning a new skill, understanding the basics, going deeper into concepts by reading more and then one should start implementing those skills in the real world. It can be through internships, projects, freelancing etc. Going forward, every successful person blogs his/her experience like the rags to riches story which inspires people and makes them familiar about he or she has achieved the goals. After you feel that yes okay now I have gained ample knowledge about the skill, start mentoring others. Create short videos, give out courses, take live sessions and who knows maybe all this triggers your entrepreneurial drive and makes you a successful businessman/woman.
In conclusion, I feel I think the most successful marketer is one who knows these concepts by heart, understand the basics and has the capability to properly apply the concepts in the market. Why I titled the article that Marketing is killing you because like any other profession marketing is extremely dynamic. Even if you know everything about marketing if you do not educate yourselves regularly, learn the lay of the land and adapt to those changes, marketing will definitely kill you. It might either kill your organisation’s profits or your chance of a promotion. 
People say that change is the only constant, but I think to keep striking a balance is the only constant. Do You?


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